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PHEW! Phone Empathy Warmline



If you would like to be heard without judgment or criticism, please call. 

This is a toll-free call for you. 

There is no charge to you for this FREE Empathy Warmline. Welcome! 

The empathy line is free to all who call, and designed to be a support in the moment that you feel stressed, lonely, sad, or overwhelmed and would just like to have someone listen to you without doubting, criticising, judging or offering you un-asked-for advice! The empathizer is a volunteer who isn't just willing to hear you, but is eager and ready and wanting to hear you! This is not therapy, nor a crisis hotline...just an empathic warmline when you could really use a little warmth and empathy.

 NOT a"Hotline" or 'crisis line'. If you are in crisis, please call  775-784-8090     

Click the following link to financially support PHEW! with a recurring contribution of $1 (or more) per month.  I post on that site blogposts for everyone, and also blogposts only for PHEW! patrons.   https://www.patreon.com/MairAlight