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NVC Roleplay One Week One Session

$25.00 $25.00

What? Live role plays, questions, comments, tips


Where? ZOOM


When? August 4, 11, 18, 25 - 1 hour on Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time (4 WEEKS)


With whom? Mair Alight (CNVC Certified Trainer) and Gustavo Castilho (NVC Enthusiastic Beginner)



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lPxB0p2nm0aX-yYZqmrJSJ4Awsw7qsWg/view?usp=sharing" target="_blank">Click here to see a sample video clip of what we will be doing on this class





Bring to class your own conflicts with difficult people.


Use some tips to guess what possible needs might be alive for the other person (and for yourself).


Profoundly change your ability to listen with curiosity (instead of blame and criticism) and speak with compassion for others while remaining true to yourself.


Experience getting to the heart of the matter, increasing shared understanding & more harmony.





Who is it for?


Those who want to learn ways to communicate that invite everyone to be heard and to experience that what they value matters without blame or shame.


Those who want to create less conflict and more harmony when relating to others in their lives.


You can benefit from this regardless of how many years you have (or have not) been practicing NVC in your daily life.


Those who want to find ways that create peace of mind and self acceptance when hearing their own "inner jackals".




What to bring?


You are requested to bring your curiosity and openness to learn and practice.


Find a quiet place for the call, and have available your chosen method for note-taking.This is interactive practicing, not a lecture series!


Just like you play exercises on the piano to learn and grow increasingly proficient, we'll practice the learnable, reliable, practical, simple tools of the three modes of NVC together on the calls, and with a sharing partner between calls, if you like (optional).





Cancellations and Refunds:


100% Money Back Guarantee.


If you are not satisfied with the value you receive, send email to mair@mairalight.com within 24 hours of end of the call. Put in subject line: "Refund Requested for NVC Interactive Role Plays". Let me know what didn't work for you (For my own learning, and to support value for future participants: Not Requied, but appreciated)



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