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We Trees in the Forest of the World


Trees Image Title Page, 3 pages of poem, final page of trees image.

Beginning words:

Is this life a dream?

Are you dreaming?

They say the Buddha sat beneath a tree.

I wonder if it was a tree of knowing.

I wonder if it was his own tree.

I wonder about my tree and my dream

I wonder about the mystery and magic and Joy of my Life.


There is magic and mystery in the world.

You are inhabiting a human form in the forms of the world.

There is a forest in the world.

You are a tree in the forest of the world.

Your roots go deep into the ground.

You are Tree, fed by the joy of the world.

Your roots deep in the ground nurture and support you.


Your human form sits beneath your tree form,

sits on the ground.


Your jackel pack lies around you.

These jackals are the guardians of your Life Energy.

Each one a protector of a facet of your Life Enrrgy; love, safety, power, Joy...


When you make decisions that cause you to wander away from your tree...

The above words are the beginning of this poem. 

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Four Pages  Cover pagem 3 poem pages, End page (trees image).



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