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Global Community Circle Calls - Practicing Three Modes of Nonviolent Communication

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Monday July 19, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Weekly on Monday

Register  Calls are Mondays, 7:00am PT. 10:00am ET 


The purpose of these calls is practicing NVC with silence (self-connection), sharing (self expression) and listening to each person (empathy). During the hour there are no clarifying questions, vocal empathy guesses, reflections or mirroring. No cross-talk. No verbal empathy. Each person's line is muted when they are not speaking.


There is no check-in. We start exactly on the hour with our first 5 minutes of silence. The silence is for the purpose of self-empathy as we attune to ourselves while in the circle of community gathered.


If you come to the call and hear music, it means we have not yet started the silence. Silence means we are in the self-empathy silence space.


At the end of the 5 minute silence, I'll ring a bell. I will say the names of who is on the call for clarity and inclusion.

I will share something of what I experienced in the silence (or pass), then call on each person to express something of what they experienced during the 5 minutes of silence.

While each person is expressing, the rest of us have the invitation to guess about that person's feelings and needs (what's important to them in the moment).

We can  notice we are in judgment of the person or of ourselves, and offer ourselves empathy, returning to focusing our empathic presence with the speaker as we are able..

When the last person has shared or passed,we've had the opportunity to practice both self-expression, empathy for others and empathy for ourselves. I'll ring bell for next 5 minutes of silence. We proceed through the call this way.

At the end of the hour, I'll open all the mics so that you can either say goodbye, or remain on the line if to participate in community connection.


For safety and choice during the call while others are sharing, I invite you to bring your own timing device to the call so that you can self-regulate your sharing time as you like. Currently each person has up to three minutes to share. At the end of the three minutes, I'll say "time", so that you can wrap up your share.

If you as a caller/listener don't want to hear the person speaking (for whatever reason), I suggest you move your device so you cannot hear, and return to listening when their three minutes have passed.


Reminder: The purpose of this call is to practice the three modes of NVC: self-empathy, empathy with others and self-expression.




  • roots of empathy are deep within us
  • translate and transmute the jackal voices we habitually hear
  • experience release and relief from inner jackals
  • love ourselves more dearly and fully
  • experience increasing compassion for ourselves
  • listen with clearer empathy to others


Who is it for?


  • Those who want to be in non-judgemental empathic space.
  • Those who want to practice deepening self awareness
  • Those who want to practice translating the jackals.



Tuition Details:

The participation fee request is $20-$75. No one turned away for lack of funds! :-)

When you register there is an option to pay via paypal OR click the button "ALREADY PAID" and you can register without a charge. :-)

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • If I cancel, I'll refund 100%.
  • If you cancel, I'll refund 80%.