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Mair helped my very shy cat to feel safer in a house with an enthusiastic big dog.  Although the cat wouldn't come out of hiding during the session, she clearly communicated to Mair that she wanted a gate that would keep the dog from entering her room but still allow her to go in and out when she wanted.  Worked like a charm!         -Miriam, Berkeley CA

 Living near the creek, I was not surprised to be riddled with unwanted visits from rats, who were taking up residence in my attic.  After exhausting my efforts, setting traps, hiring an exterminator and yelling at them to go away, I enlisted the help of my friend Mair Alight.  Mair drew a picture of a king rat with a bubble statement of "Go away, this is a house of death".  To my surprise and delight, the rats took the message seriously and fled.  I am ever grateful to Mair as I have not had another rat "visit" me again.  Carol Chase