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     Nonviolent Communication Introduction Call Series
                 using Mair's 5 Points Overview and 
             practicing tools, not just learning rules. 
                      Wednesdays 5-6pmPT
               Click on one or more of the series titles to learn more and register                                                                                                
                                                   Dec 9,16,23,30  

                                                                      NVC Drop-In Calls             
                                 Practicing the Three Modes of Nonviolent Communication 
                  Convened by Mair Alight       5 days per week  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri , Sat 8-9am PT
The three modes we practice are:
1- Self Connection (Checking in with yourelf; being with what is going on in you)
2- Self Expression (Saying what is true for you that you want the others on the call to hear: YOUR experience)
3-Listening to Others ("Withing"
NOTE: Those who are familiar with the Twelve Steps model of Alcoholics Anonymous and the many programs that have been born from that model will recognize the concept of "No Crosstalk". This means not  "talking across the table" to one other person, thereby creating a dialog between two people which does not include everyone in the circle. The other practice we have adopted is not commenting on another person's share as their share, neither  mentioning them by name nor commenting on the content of their share. 
The intnet of theese two practices is to support community inclusion, belonging, safety, care, consideration,respect and trust. To read more about these practices, you could look HERE.


                         Zoom Video Call   

          Zoom Video Call NVC Practice Group/Empathy Circle 

                                     Thursdays 2-4pmPT

We experience our time together as deeply and profoundly nourishing, supportive, authentic and time well-spent. We share time for inclusion/care for all. 

Facilitated by Mair Alight, Empathy Specialist & Certified Trainer/Mediator through the Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org)

Mair learned directly from Marshall Rosenberg (developer of NVC) and has been learning, teaching and practicing since 2000.   $20 for the 2 hour session   

We meet via ZOOM Video Call. Contact Mair Alight: 707-367-3432 (text preferred) or mair@mairalight.com for the ZOOM link.

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Discovery Calls 15-20 minutes to see if it would be a fit for us to work       together, in groups or one-on-one. No charge for this exploratory call. 
                   Text 707-367-3432 or email Mair@MairAlight.com
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Sunday Calls - contact Mair  to discuss whether it would be a fit for you to join our small group of  on-going calls 7:00-8:00pmPT.